November 2016

Great weekend for Team Black Art!

Martin Wilfinger finishes second at the prestigious Masters of Foam in the netherlands using our new Black Art PG12 car and our bodies in 10,5 Stock. Daniel Sieber, running the trusted Black Art XB 22 car and our bodies in the modified class, finished second in A1 but bad luck struck him in A2 and A3. Markus Mobers won the modified class using our famous Black Art 006 body while Ollie Payne won Stock 10,5, using the BA006 as well.

Stock 10,5:

  1. Ollie Payne – BA006
  2. Martin Wilfinger – BA006 - PG12
  3. Jacques Libar – BA006
  1. Markus Mobers – BA006
  2. Tim Altmann – BA006
  3. Arnaud Lemperiere – BA006


Some 1000 Kilometers away, Team Black Art was very successful at the Slovakia Cup at Hudy Arena in Trencin, with our drivers finishing second and fourth with the 2016 PG12 car and BA 006 bodies in Modified.