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BA002  R8c                                                    16€ 

The R8c is the ultimate choice for the 17.5 and 13.5 class.

A lot of steering and a stable rear is the key for any stock racing class .

Wins all major Stock races in USA since 2008.

Also a great asphalt body for 13.5 and Modified. The R8c won the last IFMAR Worlds on asphalt.


* complying with ROAR and IFMAR rules


BA003 Pacemaker                                          16€

Our classic open cockpit body is back!

For years enthusiasts requested a re-release of this fantastic early Black Art body. And NOW IT´S BACK!

Get it while supplies last!



BA004  Bomb´r                                             16€

Designed for the new bodyshell dimension rules of EFRA

the Bomb´r has a little bit less steering than the R8c but way more downforce.

The best choice for the European 10.5 stock class, also great for 13.5 when more downforce is needed.

Since on the market, the Bomb´r wins all European Stock titles in a row.


* complying with ROAR, EFRA and IFMAR rules


BA005 Black Market                                      16€

THE killer body for Modified!

This body is great for higher speed 1/12 racing. Stable with precise steering.

An excellent choice when a smooth cornering body is needed.



* complying with ROAR,EFRA and IFMAR rules


BA006 Lola B10                                          16€

This is our new multipurpose weapon!

It has a little less rear down force, great for stock and slower tracks that need the ultimate rotational response.

Very precise, smooth and direct handling.

 * complying with ROAR, EFRA and IFMAR rules

(BA006 is the black/red body, the pink/green one is BA008)


BA008 Toyota TS030                                   16€

Our brandnew high down force for modified style high speed racing!

The fin in the rear adds straight line stability. This is the 2014 European Champion.


 * complying with ROAR, EFRA and IFMAR rules




BA007 GT86                                          19€

Our long anticipated GT body.

This body is great for World GT or Euro GT racing, both 1s and 2s. Stable with precise steering.

An excellent choice for carpet or asphalt.


* complying with ROAR,EFRA and IFMAR rules






00BA004  CRC XTI Coversion Kit for centered speedo                                   175€

This conversion kit enables you to convert your CRC XTI car into our multiple European championship A-main contending XB22 team car.

No other accessory or part needed to complete the car. In our opinion this is by far the easiest to drive and setup 1/12 car on the market.

 This is the link for the parts list for 00BA004


10BA002  CRC molded tub chassis for centered speedo                                142€


3D molded carbon fibre chassis.

The chassis will perfectly fit all CRC cars, GenX, GenXL, and GenXi, Gen Xti, with an aluminium rear pod (left and right).


Please find all advantages of this revolutionary chassis here: presentation_chassis.pdf


Coming soon for other brands as well.

Email us for your specific application.


50BA002   OPTIONAL FRONT END CONVERSION                                36€


To get our championship winning front end conversion for our Black Art Chassis you will need a pair of CRC wide, A Arms and the following two items (20BA001 and 20BA003) and some Hardware.

For your convenience we put everything into a package (50BA002), but you can still buy the parts below seperately. This conversion smoothes out the car, especially on corner entry.


Here is a picture of what the finished kit 50BA002 looks like if you add the CRC parts off of you existing car (given you already have the wide front arms).

Note: The CRC parts shown in the picture above are for presentation purpose, they are NOT INCLUDED in the kit.


20BA001  Low wishbone plate + castor block (pr)                                12€

These parts are necessary for our front end conversion using the wide CRC front A-Arms.


20BA003  Central Link                                                                         16€

These parts are necessary for our front end conversion using the wide CRC front A-Arms.



RAEAR END /CHASSIS SPARE PARTS                               


30BA003  Pod lower plate CRC XTI                                                   19€

The lower plate for our XB22 power pod.


30BA004  Pod upper plate CRC  XTI                                                  12€

The upper plate for our XB22 power pod (regular length).

The picture below shows the 30BA004 installed in our Black Art XB22.


40BA001  Center ESC mount crossmember                                           4,50€

This is the carbon fiber crossmember bridging the center mounted speed control where the shock mounts to.




This optional kit includes everything you need to mount the shock in a forward position (carbon fiber braces, hardware, stnadoffs).

This increases cornering abilities in some situations. Most of our team drivers prefer to run it over the stock setup.